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Alexis Spain 1969. As soon as he had the opportunity (which appeared at the age of 18), he dedicated himself body and soul to artistic creation, first during his training at the School of Arts in Zaragoza (where he held his first solo exhibition) and later sharing a studio with other artists in Paris, Barcelona, Málaga…

From a young age, he had some puzzle pieces that, due to not knowing that they were part of a fragmented image (which is what a puzzle is), he saw them as disconnected “things.” Some of these pieces are the same (or similar) to those of other human beings and emerged, and continue to emerge, in the most diverse ways…

One day in school, he heard from his teacher that “energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only transforms,” and that, which seemed magical to him but was proven and confirmed by science, would eventually become one of the keys that would open the Great Door for him.

“I didn’t come here to be a worker ant, I didn’t come here to suffer,” the young Alexis once told his mother. And again, with time… that would be the key to understanding ancient mystical teachings.

Meanwhile… drawing, painting, accumulating experiences, vital decisions, without knowing that all of that was clues… he was unaware that the very works he created were new puzzle pieces, encoded signals that he would someday decipher… that someday, when he was ready, they would reveal to him that they all formed part of a puzzle… and that every puzzle contains an image.

“The Links of Alexis” would occupy the vast majority of these first 30 years of creativity, a collection of oil paintings whose breadth would not have been possible without the support and backing of the art dealer and gallery owner Sam Benady.

And now… he travels between Spain and Thailand, preparing new collections of drawings and paintings resulting from more or less deep meditative states, with community projects, perhaps a future book…