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Goyo Spain 1960

“I was born in the bosom of a modest family. My father had a natural talent for drawing and he made portraits of his brothers during a long convalescence due to a serious illness. Undoubtedly, I inherited this love for drawing and from child I used coal pieces to create small murals on the whitewashed walls of the courtyard, always under the attentive look of my mother.

At the age of ten years old, I entered High School. I found there an environment that stimulated my love for arts, as several theatrical, musical, literary, or pictorial activities were frequently organized. I had the opportunity to draw large murals with religious content that reached a wide dissemination in Spain and Spanish America.

In 1982, I started the Fine Arts degree, I deeply remember the tips and the dedication of the Professor of drawing, who offered me the possibility to stay in the University as associate lecturer.