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Marion van der Schelde


Marion van der Schelde, Since her first year, she has been playing with water and pebbles every summer in the Dordogne. At the age of four, she starts ballet classes. The choice between professional dancing and art leads her to the Art Academy. She graduates with autonomous spatial work: dancers made of pure materials, wood, and iron (as well as a first-grade teacher).

Both in autonomous work and interior design, Marion opts for earthy materials. In her autonomous work, these are primarily stones, tree stumps, rusted iron, and old glass. In her interior design, this choice translates, for example, into copper counters, roughly plastered clay walls, and the use of stained glass. She sources many of these materials from various regions.

Marion combines these materials but also allows their contrasts to exist. It is precisely these combinations of pure material with exuberant metal curls or colored warm (neon) light that leads to silence and celebration: beauty.

“The beauty, the earthly nature, the lived-in quality of the material touches me. Their culture and their history. At the same time, their strength. their value.”