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130 x 53 cm
Craquele, steel and brass 24K gold plated
This unique work consists of three African-inspired masks. Afruika - Nelson - Keti Koti

With the "Apartheid " serie Jesse sheds light on the dark history of the entire African population in their fight against Apartheid, Colonialism and Slavery.
The three masks narrate Africa's past, present and future.
The journey commences with the first mask, Afruika. Af-rui-ka is the original name given to the continent by its indigenous people in the heart of Africa. The mask recounts this era when African cultures flourished long before the colonial era. It serves as a reminder of Africa's rich history beyond colonial rule, portraying the continent as an inspiring blend of tribes and cultures. Symbolizing harmony between humans and nature, spiritual connections to ancestors and the abundance of natural resources Africa offers.

The narrative transitions to the present with the second mask, Nelson, paying hommage to the iconic Nelson Mandela and symbolizing the ongoing struggle for Africa's independence. This mask signifies Africa's resilience, much like Mandela's defiance against Apartheid during his imprisonment. Despite the official abolition of Apartheid, contemporary instances of apartheid unfortunately persist in society.

Finally the last mask, Keri Koti translated as " broken chains ". Keti Koti represents hopeful future, a time of African liberation. Slavery has been abolished and Keti Koti signifies this liberation. Africa stands independent, striving towards harmony, seeking authentic autonomous freedom and equality. It serves as a reminder of the hard-fought independence of African nations and Mandela' s legacy as a global inspiration.

The titels " Apartheid" and " Keti Koti " were purposefully chosen to rise awareness of the significant Dutch influence in oppressing and exploiting the African continent.

These masks are crafted on a cracked shield featuring deep grooves that reflect the scars of the past. The brilliance and beauty of the 24k gold symbolize the richness of African culture and the boundless source of positive energy.