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Carlos Pulido Spain 1967

Through the mirror, we can contemplate a reality that would otherwise remain unseen or unknown to us.

For me, Harley Davidsons represents a luxurious stage adorned with polished surfaces that reflect otherworldly visions surpassing reality itself.

Throughout the ages, the mirror has been attributed various properties. Personally, in relation to my painting, it serves as an open door to another dimension, a connection to alternate worlds. I also perceive it as a reflection of the soul, revealing one’s true self.

The distorted reflections in the chrome evoke thoughts that resonate with my inner self, akin to the warped images one might perceive under the influence of hallucinogens.

In truth, I have never been fond of explaining the content of my paintings. I believe artworks should speak for themselves, and each viewer should engage with their own emotions and personal perceptions in the future.

Many people inquire why I am so passionate about reflections in chrome and other reflective surfaces. The following is a mere glimpse into what I experience when a subject captivates me and sets the entire creative process in motion. Some may only perceive my work as a mere reproduction of a photograph, but nothing could be further from reality.

My artistic process goes far beyond a simple photograph, although I often utilize it to capture what I desire. In my opinion, painting (using flamenco slang), possesses ‘duende’ and an essence that transcends photography.