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Jesse Nelson


Jesse Nelson van den Broek (Cameroon 1988),

Dutch artist born in Yaoundé, capital of Cameroon while his father was working in  Ngaoundéré in the Adamaoua region. Jesse lived in the land of the Lions until he was 7 years old before joining the country of his parents, but never forgot his country of birth, whose historical knowledge he made the cause of his life.

“My greatest passion is my work as an Artist & Designer, this career and the inspiration for my creations have an important relationship with my Cameroonian roots.”

Stories like his latest artwork ‘The Heroic Souls of Cameroon’

It consists of 5 African-inspired masks. Inspired by the facial features and characters of the Cameroonian heroes behind the masks. The design and use of materials also have several symbolic meanings.  All parts are handmade in my studio.”

“Art is the medium through which I tell stories. There are many stories to tell about Cameroon….”